Universal Structure Gains Over Time

The design of the largest complex sensory and neural functioning system is due to the intricately placed cerebrum, located in the front area of the skull and consisting of two hemispheres, left and right, that are separated by a fissure. Twenty-three chromosomes are intricately woven with deoxyribonucleic acid strands in which pave way for genetic material to be structured within the nucleus of a cell. The human body is a sophisticated and familiar structure in which consists of many designs and patterns that function as a whole in order to establish life. Structural designs and patterns can be distinguished within absolutely anything. Whether it is in natural things such as the pattern of day and night, which is sunrise and sunset or man-made things such as cloth, there is a design that controls how the system functions, looks, establishes itself and many more characteristics. No matter how different every single aspect in the Universe may be, everything is comprised of countless tiny structures called atoms. Understanding how structural designs and patterns can represent anything comprised of matter, will help humankind decipher the true development of composition and framework in terms of the Universe.

Patterns in the Development of the Universe

In order to comprehend the major role structural designs and patterns play in the assembly of the Universe as a whole, one must seek information on how such a pattern or design plays a key role in the functionality of the system. In the field of physics,

throughout time, at approximately 13.8 billion years ago the first threshold of increasing complexity was established. In order for the Big Bang to occur it was vital that ingredients that can only be speculated to combine in order to create this new complexity called the Universe. The Big Bang theory established that it all started with a small singularity in which inflated over the years to form such tortuously placed galaxies and stars. One particular galaxy is the Milky Way. Humans know the most information about this galaxy and about the Solar System within it and how it is structured around the Sun. The ideology that all planet masses revolve around the Sun is in and of itself entirely due to the pattern and set up of the planets.

Structural Analysis of Stars

Furthering the investigation of Universal concepts within masses that contain energy even before any living thing existed can help scientists to use structural analysis and data to come to consensus on how the Universe was built over the duration and after the Big Bang. Stars of different mass and age have varying internal structures. According to astronomical studies, stellar structure models describe the internal structure of a star in detail and make detailed predictions about the luminosity, the color and the future evolution of the star. Initially, the stars that were created in such an explosion began as large gas clouds that collapsed under

gravity in which formed hot cores that gathered and compiled gas and dust until a protostar was molded. Convection is the dominant mode of energy transport when the temperature gradient is steep enough so that a given parcel of gas within the star will continue to rise if it rises slightly. This protostar was structurally designed to later be capable of evolving depending on its mass at birth. Within these relatively dense concentrations of interstellar gas, a process of growth and later death is formed. As the universe expanded the formation of stars began developing. Just the right conditions allowed such stars to form in which were the results of a proper temperature, pockets of densities, and gravitation pull develops places that are hotter and in the right conditions were vital for these stars to form. Many technical factors such as a loss of matter, gravity, and tiny differences in the distribution of matter also were necessary for the formation of stars. Furthermore, elements such as helium, beryllium, boron, and hydrogen played a great role in the development of stars and their composure. Thus, the structure of a star is vital in the procedures before the completion of its lifespan.

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